Foreign partner — who he is, what it is important to know about the first meeting, how to build a relationship and other useful information


Katar is a multicultural state where people of many different cultures can be found. Arabs make up the largest group of the population, about 40%, but there are also natives of India (18%), Pakistan (18%), Iran (10%) and other Arab countries. The share of Qataris, the native population proper, is not high, it is about 12%.

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Exchange of Business Cards

It is preferable that the text on one side of the business card be in English and the other side in Hebrew. Engraved business cards are considered more prestigious.

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For those who develop business contacts with foreign partners

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and educators

For those interested in the topic of cross-cultural differences

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Personnel of organizations

For those involved in the development of cooperation programs with foreign countries

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How to make communication with a foreign partner effective? Cultural profiles of countries — in the public domain


During the greeting

In a number of cultures a firm Russian handshake is not accepted, for example, in India and Iraq. How should you greet your partner?

When contacting

It can be difficult to determine where on a business card is the first name and last name, and when it is possible to switch to "you".

Giving a business card

What language should the business card be in? What is important to remember when passing it on?

Starting conversation

What topics are considered dangerous? And what is the best way to engage in conversation?


Pauses in conversation, loud expressive speech, violent gesticulation? What is common in my partner's culture?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found on this site:

Communication Specifics

In Lao culture, an important concept is "face" and the associated "loss of face," "saving face. It refers to a person's reputation, outward impression, image. Loss of face occurs when a person is criticized, opposed or humiliated in the presence of others.

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Small Talk: Overview

In a business meeting, Canadians prefer to devote minimal time to small talk, limiting themselves to exchanging pleasantries.

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Only relevant information for working with foreign partners

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