Foreign partner — who he is, what it is important to know about the first meeting, how to build a relationship and other useful information

Personal Space

During the conversation, Portuguese people stand closer to each other when compared to some European (especially in central and northern European) cultures - the distance can be half a meter to a meter).

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Exchange of Business Cards

The exchange of business cards usually occurs after greeting.

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Personnel of organizations

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How to make communication with a foreign partner effective? Cultural profiles of countries — in the public domain


During the greeting

In a number of cultures a firm Russian handshake is not accepted, for example, in India and Iraq. How should you greet your partner?

When contacting

It can be difficult to determine where on a business card is the first name and last name, and when it is possible to switch to "you".

Giving a business card

What language should the business card be in? What is important to remember when passing it on?

Starting conversation

What topics are considered dangerous? And what is the best way to engage in conversation?


Pauses in conversation, loud expressive speech, violent gesticulation? What is common in my partner's culture?

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Exchange of Business Cards

In Kenya's business practice, business cards are very important and are exchanged either at the beginning of the first meeting or at the end of the meeting. There is no specific timeframe in business communication.

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Owing to its historical development and geographical location, this island nation is home to a wide variety of nationalities and ethnicities. The largest group is the Christian peoples of the northern and central islands, whose cultural traditions are marked by Spanish and American influences.

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